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Getting a great smile just got easier.

And friendlier.
And more comfortable.

Looking for a dentist who cares as much about you as he does about your beautiful smile?

Since 1977, Dr. Ben W. Eby has provided high-quality, caring dentistry for more than 8,000 smiling faces all the while keeping their comfort and individual concerns in mind.

Dr. Eby's commitment to friendly, caring dental care sets him apart. You can count on him for thorough, unhurried appointments designed to make you feel at ease and relaxed. He also takes the time to listen to and answer all of your questions. In other words, Dr. Eby knows he's doing more than just creating beautiful, healthy smiles. He's also building a trusting friendship.

Come in and discover Dr. Eby's unique brand of friendly, gentle, personalized dentistry for yourself. Then smile away.